Do you want more readers? I make magazine websites that existing readers love and new readers are more likely to find.

Are readers visiting your website on phones and tablets forced to use a desktop layout on a small screen? Do you have great content that readers would flock to, if only they could find it?

By using responsive web design techniques, your website can look great on screens of all sizes: smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Because your website will be easier to read, visitors will stay longer and read more.

Most websites aren’t optimized for search engines. I can make sure yours is, making your content easier to find.

Thanks to my combined experience with editorial design, responsive web design and search engine optimization, my clients’ websites increase in both visits from new users and engagement from existing ones.

Do magazines really need mobile-friendly websites?

Take a look at your mobile audience in Google Analytics. What percentage of your visitors gets a version of your website designed for a much larger screen? How many of those readers will spend less time on your website, and be less likely to come back?

A responsive website that works across all devices will make for happier readers, and more of them.

Isn’t building an app more important?

Definitely not! I’d say it’s the other way around: You need a great website that works across a full range of devices first.

A website benefits from organic search traffic, shareable URLs, and cross-platform support. Websites also tend to be less expensive to build and maintain, whereas apps often require separate versions for each platform and significant staff time to design and build each issue.

By starting with a website, you can target all smartphone and tablet platforms at once, while also having URLs that can be shared by your readers and indexed by search engines. And you might find you don’t need an app after all.

What about advertising?

When creating responsive layouts for magazine websites, I’ve both integrated existing advertising platforms and set up new ones. Either way, you’ll still be able to use your existing ad formats, and I can help you implement new ones.

Is switching content management systems necessary?

If you like your current CMS, you can keep it. I have experience with a wide range of content management systems — Wordpress, Drupal, Movable Type, and Bricolage, amongst others — and I can work with your existing CMS, or move you to one that better suits your needs.

I’ve devoted thousands of hours to solving problems faced by magazine websites. I can help solve your problems, too.